S. Boblest, F. Hempert, M. Hoffmann, P. Offenhäuser, M. Sonntag, F. Sadlo, C. W. Glass, C.-D. Munz, T. Ertl, U. Iben:

Toward a Discontinuous Galerkin Fluid Dynamics Framework for Industrial Applications

In Proceedings of High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering 2015, Springer International Publishing, pp. 531–545, 2016.


For many years, discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods have been proving their value as highly efficient, very well scalable high-order methods for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations. However, they have so far mainly been applied in the academic environment and the step toward an application in industry is still waited for. In this article, we report on our project that aims at creating a comprehensive CFD software that makes highly resolved unsteady industrial DG calculations an option. First, our focus lies on the adaptation of the solver itself to industrial problems and the optimization of the parallelization efficiency. Second, we present a visualization tool specifically tailored to the properties of DG data that will be combined with the solver to obtain an in-situ visualization strategy within our project in the near future.

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