Welcome to the Visual Computing Group at Heidelberg University

The Visual Computing Group was founded in 2015 and is headed by Prof. Filip Sadlo. Our research interests include scientific visualization, volumetric rendering, information visualization, and computational photography, with a focus on proximity to physics and simulation. This page is under construction. Please see the News Page for status and progress.

Research Excerpt (Random Selection):

R. Peikert, F. Sadlo:

Flow Topology Beyond Skeletons: Visualization of Features in Recirculating Flow

In Topology-Based Methods in Visualization II, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 145–160, 2009.


A pattern often found in regions of recirculating flow is the vortex ring. Smoke rings and vortex breakdown bubbles are two familiar instances of this pattern. A vortex ring requires at least two critical points, and in fact this minimum number is observed in many synth... [More ...]


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