Welcome to the Visual Computing Group at Heidelberg University

The Visual Computing Group was founded in 2015 and is headed by Prof. Filip Sadlo. Our research interests include scientific visualization, volumetric rendering, information visualization, and computational photography, with a focus on proximity to physics and simulation. This page is under construction. Please see the News Page for status and progress.

Research Excerpt (Random Selection):

M. Hlawatsch, F. Sadlo, D. Weiskopf:

Predictability-Based Adaptive Mouse Interaction and Zooming for Visual Flow Exploration

International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 225–240, 2013.


Flow fields are often investigated by adopting a Lagrangian view, for example, by particle tracing of integral curves such as streamlines and path lines or by computing delocalized quantities. For visual exploration, mouse interaction is predominantly used to define sta... [More ...]


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