M. Bußler, P. Diehl, D. Pflüger, S. Frey, F. Sadlo, T. Ertl, M. A. Schweitzer:

Visualization of Fracture Progression in Peridynamics

Computers & Graphics, vol. 67, pp. 45–57, 2017.


We present a novel approach for the visualization of fracture processes in peridynamics simulations. In peridynamics simulation, materials are represented by material points linked with bonds, providing complex fracture behavior. Our approach first extracts the cracks from each time step by means of height ridge extraction. To avoid deterioration of the structures, we propose an approach to extract ridges from these data without resampling. The extracted crack geometries are then combined into a spatiotemporal structure, with special focus on temporal coherence and robustness. We then show how this structure can be used for various visualization approaches to reveal fracture dynamics, with a focus on physical mechanisms. We evaluate our approach and demonstrate its utility by means of different data sets.

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