S. Frey, F. Sadlo, T. Ertl:

Mesh Generation from Layered Depth Images Using Isosurface Raycasting

In Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Advances in Visual Computing (Proceedings of International Symposium on Visual Computing), Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 373–383, 2013.


This paper presents an approach for the fast generation of meshes from Layered Depth Images (LDI), a representation that is independent of the underlying data structure and widely used in image-based rendering. LDIs can be quickly generated from high-quality, yet computationally expensive isosurface raycasters that are available for a wide range of different types of data. We propose a fast technique to extract meshes from one or several LDIs which can then be rendered for fast, yet high-quality analysis with comparatively low hardware requirements. To further improve quality, we also investigate mesh geometry merging and adaptive refinement, both for triangle and quad meshes. Quality and performance are evaluated using simulation data and analytic functions.

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