L. Hofmann, F. Sadlo:

Extraction of Distinguished Hyperbolic Trajectories for 2D Time-Dependent Vector Field Topology

Computer Graphics Forum, vol. 39, no. 3, pp. 303–315, 2020.


This paper does two main contributions to 2D time-dependent vector field topology. First, we present a technique for robust, accurate, and efficient extraction of distinguished hyperbolic trajectories (DHT), the generative structures of 2D time-dependent vector field topology. It is based on refinement of initial candidate curves. In contrast to previous approaches, it is robust because the refinement converges for reasonably close initial candidates, it is accurate due to its adaptive scheme, and it is efficient due to its high convergence speed. Second, we provide a detailed evaluation and discussion of previous approaches for the extraction of DHTs and time-dependent vector field topology in general. We demonstrate the utility of our approach using analytical flows, as well as data from computational fluid dynamics.

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