P. Jung, P. Hausner, L. Pilz, J. Stern, C. Euler, M. Riemer, F. Sadlo:

Tumble-Vortex Core Line Extraction

In Proceedings of SIBGRAPI WVIS, 2017.


In this paper, we focus on the extraction of vortex core lines from 3D vector fields containing tumble vortices, i.e., vortices with vanishing longitudinal velocity component. While there exist many different definitions for vortex core lines, these are typically formulated and extracted by means of the parallel vectors operator, i.e., as those points in space where two (derived) vector fields are parallel or antiparallel. However, in case of vanishing longitudinal component and other degeneracies which we investigate, the existing approaches to solve the parallel vectors problem tend to fail.We present a technique to solve these cases, based on subdivision and problem transformation, and examine and exemplify our technique by means of an analytical vortex model and data from computational fluid dynamics.

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