G. K. Karch, F. Beck, M. Ertl, C. Meister, K. Schulte, B. Weigand, T. Ertl, F. Sadlo:

Visual Analysis of Inclusion Dynamics in Two-Phase Flow

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 24, no. 5, pp. 1841–1855, 2018.


In single-phase flow visualization, research focuses on the analysis of vector field properties. In two-phase flow, in contrast, analysis of the phase components is typically of major interest. So far, visualization research of two-phase flow concentrated on proper interface reconstruction and the analysis thereof. In this paper, we present a novel visualization technique that enables the investigation of complex two-phase flow phenomena with respect to the physics of breakup and coalescence of inclusions. On the one hand, we adapt dimensionless quantities for a localized analysis of phase instability and breakup, and provide detailed inspection of breakup dynamics with emphasis on oscillation and its interplay with rotational motion. On the other hand, we present a parametric tightly linked space-time visualization approach for an effective interactive representation of the overall dynamics. We demonstrate the utility of our approach using several two-phase CFD datasets.

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