R. Peikert, F. Sadlo:

Visualization Methods for Vortex Rings and Vortex Breakdown Bubbles

In Proceedings of the 9th Joint Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Conference on Visualization, pp. 211–218, 2007.


Vortex breakdown bubbles are a subject which is of interest in many disciplines such as aeronautics, mixing, and combustion. Existing visualization methods are based on stream surfaces, direct volume rendering, tensor field visualization, and vector field topology. This paper presents a topological approach which is more closely oriented at the underlying theory of continuous dynamical systems. Algorithms are described for the detection of vortex rings and vortex breakdown bubbles, and for visualization of their characteristic properties such as the boundary, the chaotic dynamics, and possible islands of stability. Since some of these require very long streamlines, the effect of numerically introduced divergence has to be considered. From an existing subdivision scheme, a novel method for divergence conserving interpolation of cuboid cells is derived, and results are compared with those from standard trilinear interpolation. Also a comparison of results obtained with and without divergence cleaning is given.

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