B. Rieck, H. Leitte:

Agreement Analysis of Quality Measures for Dimensionality Reduction

In Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization IV: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications, Springer International Publishing, pp. 103–117, 2017.


High-dimensional data sets commonly occur in various application domains. They are often analysed using dimensionality reduction methods, such as principal component analysis or multidimensional scaling. To determine the reliability of a particular embedding of a data set, users need to analyse its quality. For this purpose, the literature knows numerous quality measures. Most of these measures concentrate on a single aspect, such as the preservation of relative distances, while others aim to balance multiple aspects, such as intrusions and extrusions in k-neighbourhoods. Faced with multiple quality measures with different ranges and different value distributions, it is challenging to decide which aspects of a data set are preserved best by an embedding. We propose an algorithm based on persistent homology that permits the comparative analysis of different quality measures on a given embedding, regardless of their ranges. Our method ranks quality measures and provides local feedback about which aspects of a data set are preserved by an embedding in certain areas. We demonstrate the use of our technique by analysing quality measures on different embeddings of synthetic and real-world data sets.

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