B. Rieck, M. Banagl, F. Sadlo, H. Leitte:

Persistent Intersection Homology for the Analysis of Discrete Data

In Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization V, Springer International Publishing, pp. 37–51, 2020.


Topological data analysis is becoming increasingly relevant to support the analysis of unstructured data sets. A common assumption in data analysis is that the data set is a sample—not necessarily a uniform one—of some high-dimensional manifold. In such cases, persistent homology can be successfully employed to extract features, remove noise, and compare data sets. The underlying problems in some application domains, however, turn out to represent multiple manifolds with different dimensions. Algebraic topology typically analyzes such problems using intersection homology, an extension of homology that is capable of handling configurations with singularities. In this paper, we describe how the persistent variant of intersection homology can be used to assist data analysis in visualization. We point out potential pitfalls in approximating data sets with singularities and give strategies for resolving them.

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