K. Sdeo, B. Zheng, M. Piatkowski, F. Sadlo:

In-Situ Visualization of Solver Residual Fields

In Lecture Notes in Computer Science: High Performance Computing, pp. 294–309, 2018.


Whereas the design and development of numerical solvers for field-based simulations is a highly evolved discipline, and whereas there exists a wide range of visualization techniques for the (in-situ) analysis of their numerical results, the techniques for analyzing the operation of such solvers are rather elementary. In this paper, we present a visualization approach for in-situ analysis of the processes within numerical solvers. That is, instead of visualizing the data that result from such solvers, we address the visualization of the processes that generate the data. We exemplify our approach using different simulation runs, and discuss its in-situ application in high-performance computing environments.

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