A. Straub, G. K. Karch, S. Boblest, J. Kaufmann, F. Sadlo, B. Weigand, T. Ertl:

Visual Analysis of Interface Deformation in Multiphase Flow

In Proceedings of the DIPSI Workshop 2018. Droplet Impact Phenomena & Spray Investigations, 2018.


This project aims at investigating droplet-related phenomena, especially the influence of forces acting on the surface. To this end, we visualize interface deformation using two quantities: interface stretching and interface bending. This allows the visual analysis of droplet behavior and interface-related forces, such as the surface tension force and forces induced by Marangoni convection. For the latter, we show an application case for debugging and aiding the implementation of the Marangoni term in the solver Free Surface 3D (FS3D). Furthermore, we demonstrate the usefulness of our approach for prediction of droplet breakup.

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